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[reposted post] Wink Up, August 2013 Yamada Mania Translation

Looks like Wink Up did a little quiz on the current Yamada Mania lol
See who seems to know the most about Yamachan~ although seems like the winners aren't announced yet LOL

New Icons *A*: ►NYC "COLORS" Photobook Icons and Wallpapers

[Searching for Yamada’s #1 Mania in Johnny’s!] (T/N: Mania is a person that knows a lot about something/someone)

We love Yamada Championship!

14 people including members from the same group are given a quiz about Yamada! Look forward to the winner and a message from Yamada

Information related to Yamada’s given answers from past WINK UP issues will be given as quiz questions. Whoever is the best at “Knowing about Yamada” or “Who’s love is deepest for him” will win! Yamada himself will be giving the score!

"I won't lose to anyone when it comes to loving Yamada!"Collapse )

Writer's Block: Bare necessities

Name three things you can’t live without.
1. laptop
2. cellphone
3. purse (with money in it ofcourse =)))